Contextualization and Commemoration Initiative (CCI) guides the design and construction of new commemorative initiatives on UT’s campus. The CCI supports these initiatives through research. We share this knowledge through an ongoing speakers’ series, the elaboration of curricular materials, and this website 

Our Initiatives

Sweatt v. Painter Gallery and Entry

East Mall wide views – documenting before the modifications 2022

Precursors – We are Texas East Mall

Researching Our Pasts

This month in UT History

December: Annual Menorah Lighting

This month in UT History considers the Hanukkah tradition

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Speaker Series: Michael Gillette

Watch video of Dr. Michael Gillette’s October 18 talk, “Heman Sweatt, his Lawsuit, and the Civil Rights Movement in Texas.”

Speaker Series: Jodi Skipper

Watch video of Dr. Jodi Skipper’s September 20 talk, “Commemoration, Public Scholarship, & the Transformation of Higher Education.”

Speaker Series: Ruth J. Simmons

Watch video of Dr. Ruth J. Simmons’ May 2 talk, “Examining University History.”

Speaker Series: Dwonna Goldstone

Watch video of Dr. Goldstone’s April 21 talk, “The ‘Last’ Vestige of Segregation at UT: Desegregating the Dormitories.”

Speaker Series: Tara Dudley

Watch video of Dr. Dudley’s April 1 talk, “Laying the Foundation: Black Constructors of Austin and The University of Texas.”

Speaker Series: Jeff Jackson

Watch video of Dr. Jackson’s March 10 talk, “Black Power at Ole Miss, 1848-2021: Reckoning with African American History and Achievement at a Southern Public University.”

Film: Painter Hall

Watch video of Dr. Ted Gordon’s short documentary, “Naming a President and a Building — Painter Hall.”




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