UT History Calendar

This Month in UT History creates a calendar of notable events, people, and places related to commemorative sites and silence at UT.

August: Julius Whittier

Read about the life and achievements of University of Texas Alum Julius Whittier.

July: Public Art on Campus

Read about the art placed on campus by The University of Texas organization, Landmarks.

June: Juneteenth, 1900

Read about Austin’s early Black community celebrations of Juneteenth on what is now the UT campus.

May: Military Commemoration

Read about UT’s commemorative landscape honoring those who served in the US Armed Forces.

April: Campus Landscaping

Read about UT grad, interim president and comptroller, John William Calhoun’s role in shaping the campus landscape.

March: Anna Hiss Gymnasium

Read about the early women’s gym and its namesake Dr. Anna Hiss, UT’s first Director of Women’s Physical Training.