Asian Relations

This project DOES WHAT


A conversation with Ari Daskauskas, about Hawai’ian and indigenous representation.

A conversation with J Hayden, about multiracial identities.

A conversation with Jo Hsu, about Asians and intersectionality, specifically in relationship to queer identities and disability politics.

A conversation with Mohit Mehta, about AANHPI studies at UT and nationwide.

A conversation with Sruti Ramachandran, about Asian student activism.

A conversation with PJ Raval, about Asians in the creative industry.

A conversation with Evan Taniguchi, about intergenerational Asian families in Austin.

Amy Tao-Foster, LPC (she/her/chi) Diversity Coordinator and LPC for Counseling and Mental Health Center.

A conversation with Mitchel Wong, about early Asians at UT and in Austin.

A Note on Terminology

At times and for sake of ease in conversation, the term ‘Asian’ is used as a stand-in for Asian American, Native Hawai’ian, and Pacific Islander.”

Credits & Acknowledgments

This project would not be possible without the help and support of many individuals…
Interviewees and LAITS crew: Kayal Galand, Head Producer; Han Elcan, Field Producer; Sherry Kong and Brandon Jansa from Mama Kong Cambodian.

Student Volunteers: Jeffrey Jin, Alap Davé, Sraavya Chintalapati

Communal dinner invites (Tony Vo, Sona Shah, Ayshea Khan, Akiko Kodama, Sarah Seulki Oh, Maia Mistry, Yeo Ju Choi, Laurel Mei-Singh)

Special thanks to Jeffrey Jin for their photo and design for “Asian Relations,” Mohit Mehta…